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"The name Sheerlove started in 2003. It was my breeders affix when I had my first litter of golden retrievers. I was breeding for the sheer love of the breed and looked to enhance the breed with strong colour and intelligence from the working lines and the beauty of the show type. My aim was to bring back the original style and type of retriever that could work all day but also win at the beauty contests of showing."


"It seemed right to also use the name Sheerlove for my photography as that is what I am trying to capture through the lens.  No horse or dog is the same as any other as they all have their own personalities, be they cheeky at play or serious and concentrating hard at work and I adore them all."


"I started my working life as a horse riding instructor and became a top class event groom with the pinnacle of my career working with leading riders at the World Class International Badminton Horse Trials. I returned to Badminton again in 2017 but this time with my camera with the aim of capturing not only the action out front but also the events in the background where the hardworking grooms were. It was fabulous to breathe it all in again and to return to the eventing scene after 30 years apart! You will see some of those pictures I took that day here in the Eventing Page and I hope you enjoy them."

" I am forever out and about perfecting my art and just love practising on my two golden retrievers so you will see them popping up here acting as glamour models on the beaches and moors of Cornwall where am I am very lucky to call home."

"I hope we will meet you soon on our travels or you can contact me through the various social media platforms or email or pick up the phone and we can chat your ideas through."

"I have a passion for photography, horses , dogs and Cornwall and you might call it Sheerlove!"

Love Amanda, Gemini & Lyra xxx


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